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Friday, August 20



Sometimes i hate them all, i swear i do. They can do whatever they want a get away with it, held only accountable to themselves. As a women i am held accountable as a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, and it just seems to me that men don't take their titles as far as we do. If they don't understand it it gets ignored, if it doesn't fit with them it gets left behind, if things don't happen the way they want them to then they forget about it. It's just like life is just easier with a dick. Look at all the men who have left their wives, their children, and lives behind to just focus on themselves. If a woman was to do it she would be called a bad mom, but when a man does it he just trying to find himself. I am not saying the we don't do it , just that it comes with more consequences for us than for them. I am just saying that when a man cheats he hurts his woman's feelings, but when a woman cheats she destroys her man's manhood. I just don't understand the double nature of our lives sometimes and it makes me angry! I just wish my life could be easier, i wish i had less that depended on me and that i had the many options that men are allowed. You don't have to agree with me I'm just venting, but i do appreciate the comments...
Later Kai

Tuesday, December 15

Just an little holiday fun for us kinksters...

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